Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buying seasonal and local throught the CSA program

Today I am excited; I joined a C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) as i bought a share of vegetables from a New York state farm.
"My" farm: Norwich Meadows Farm has the following statement on their web site:
"No longer is there a lake, river or stream that is not contaminated with toxic agricultural chemicals. No longer is there a person who does not know someone who has cancer, or who has had a heart attack. There is only one way to reverse this destructive path and we believe we have taken the first and most important step and that was the decision to dedicate our god-given energies to the task of growing food as it was created, and to provide access to the local community for the betterment of its physical and economic health."

My summer is going to be following the crops schedule: first some greens in May, then garlic (fresh), in June, lettuces, radishes, (no peas for me.. it gives me migraines), beets, summer squashs, in August melons, watermelons, just to name a few and I can't wait to create recipes based on the crops schedule..

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